Jack’s Whiskey Talk: Canadian, Irish, and Kentucky July, 27,2010

07 Aug

De Vere’s Whiskey Society of July, 27,2010–Whiskeys: Canadian, Irish, and Kentucky

Melissa tolerated us one more time.
Pendleton; 40%: A New Blend:
Jack: My grandpa’s drink was Canadian Club. Smells peaty. Nice round Taste, a little watery. Canada can make a whiskey.
Tom: I’m not a fan of canadian–Mmm I like that. That ain’t Canadian Club. Peat smokey nice I think it has a lot of character.
Jim M: They all smell nice. All three contrast each other. Taste has no depth.

Old Bardstown; 50.5%. A Willet Original:
Jack: Nice smell. Bite and there’s that corn. I like this the best. Melissa likes the way it smells.
Tom: Sweet. Gots some bite
Jim M: Taste the corn, bite, vanilla. Numbs my Lips.
Connemara; 40%. Sister Sheila will agree that this is truly Irish:
Jack: Fruity smell. Nice light fruit taste. I can see where Tom gets apple.
Tom: I’m getting apple. Kinda medicinal Layers.
Jim M: Unusual aroma. Complex. I can’t place the flavors.


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