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Notes from the Whiskey Boyz

de Vere’s Whiskey Society 
Tuesday, September 7, 2010
Rachel did us the honors. 

      This was the official launch of de Vere’s new format. Tonight 20% night. Next week’s a flight.
Jack: Laphroaig: Fragrant full nose pear flavor. A bit of water really brings out the flavor; designed to do so. Oban 14: Nice bite, not much aroma, very friendly back taste (whatever that means).

Tom: Glenlivet 16 Nadurra, Cask Strength: Floral licorice, about 94 proof. Cast means it hasn’t been diluted with water; straight from the cask. Peaty, Stays with you, “ummmm.”

James L.: Glenrothes Special Reserve: Light nose. Does remind me of Walker (see Ralph’s comment). Very good. Highland Park: Great, light peat nose. No finishes; doesn’t linger.

Ralph: Glenrothes Special Reserve: Kinda has mellow floral fragrance. Reminds me of Johnny Walker.