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5 Fun Facts About Drinking at De Vere’s

As if you need an excuse to come in and have a drink or two…but here are five more!
1) We never charge corkage fees…seriously, never!
2) You can get 14 oz of Olympia for just $2…and 20 oz. for just $3!
3) Whiskey Society memberships will be good at both de Vere’s locations! Get all the details here:
4) We now have a “Dew and a Brew” special: A shot of Tullamore Dew Whiskey and an Olympia for just $6!
5) Our new Craft Beer Station (in the back bar) hosts 6 rotating craft beers. Choices change as the kegs run out…and once they’re gone, they’re gone. So come in often and prepare for some rare, delicious surprises.


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Your Guide: Pub crawl, Race for the Arts and more

Published: Friday, Aug. 27, 2010 – 12:00 am | Page 5TICKET

Not that you ever really need an excuse for a pub crawl, but we have a good one anyway on Saturday, when a combo crawl/miniature golf tournament will roam through midtown.
It’s the Albie Puttin’ Pub Crawl, a nine-pub, nine-hole tourney to benefit Albie Aware, a nonprofit that raises money to help area victims of breast cancer and to get people to think about cancer prevention, detection and treatment.
De Vere’s Irish Pub is where people can register and pick up packets, but this is a shotgun start. If you’re a pubgoer but not a golfer, that means you can tee off at any of the nine sites (insert your personal definition of “teeing off” on a pub crawl here).
Each participating pub and bar will have a mini-golf hole set up. Besides de Vere’s on L Street, the course includes Capitol Garage, Badlands, Mulvaney’s, the Torch Club, Streets of London, Bistro 33, L Wine Lounge and Z√≥calo.
Golfers, to use the term loosely, who finish the course are eligible for a range of prizes, from the jackpot two-night stay in Las Vegas to awards for best and worst golf outfits, which will explain at least some of the clothes you might see in midtown Saturday. The event runs noon-5 p.m.
Preregistration is $20, walk-ins cost $25, and more info is available at de Vere’s, at or (916) 927-1592.

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Albie Puttin’ Miniature Golf Pub Crawl is Tomorrow!



de Veres Breakfast Club Showing Manchester United Live!


Live at de Vere’s Irish Pub this Sunday morning at 8 am come and watch some great Football while having an amazing breakfast.  Darren will be your host in the morning,so come and join him and the rest of de Vere’s Breakfast Club and get your pint on!!


Guinness Beer Brunch! You Keep The Glass!

Join us for a new way to experience Brunch and Ireland’s favorite pint on September 11th and 12th from 9am until 2pm.

Buy a 20 oz Pint of Guinness beer for $9 and keep the Guinness Pint beer glass with refills for $5.00

Guinness is a perfect beer and great to drink with breakfast, but feel free to try Guinness a new way! Try Guinness with Champagne, with Magners Irish Cider and much more! Beer has always been for breakfast but it has never been this good!


de Vere’s Guinness and Oyster Festival


Join Us to celebrate an age old Irish Tradition of eating Oysters while drinking Guinness! If that’s not enough for you, help celebrate being half way to St. Patrick’s day!

We will have live music, Oyster Shucking Competitions ( Food Service Industry Only), Face painting for kids, and much much more!  We will be serving Oysters in the raw, BBQ, Rockefeller, and Oyster Shooters!
      Our Oyster Shucking Competition will Start at 1pm! This event will be open to anyone in the Food service Industry to win bragging rights and the oyster trophy. (Contestants will need to sign up ahead of time and sign contest waiver form) We will be putting a sign up sheet on our Website by September 5th.
Please check back on our website or this Blog for more details!

Bring your friends, your families, but most of all bring them hungry!


Odonata Beer Brunch September 4th and 5th…Support your local Brewer!

Join us for a new way to experience Brunch on September 4th and 5th from 9am untill 2pm.

Buy a Pint of Odonata beer for $9 and keep the Odonata beer glass with refills for $3.75!!

We will also be offering specialty breakfast items made to be paired with Odonata Saison beer. Join us for Odonata Man-Mosas, Beer Bellini’s, and much more! Beer has always been for breakfast but it has never been this good!
Peter Hoey the brewer of this incredible beer has been a long time friend of the de Vere White family, and graduated with Henry de Vere White from Christian Brothers High School right here in Sacramento.  So we hope you will join our family  in helping us to support a local brewer, businessman, and friend.

Odonata Beer Co. is a small craft brewery based in Sacramento, California. We started selling beer in 2009 and currently partner with existing regional brewers to make our beer. We have a sister winery of the same name, Odonata, that is based in Santa Cruz. We believe that the best way to do business is face to face, with people you know; therefore, we’ll be selling our beer right here in our own back yard — it’s likely we’ll bump into you at the grocery store or sit with you in traffic on the Business 80. Our beers are all made in small batches and use ingredients we’re proud of. If you’re a fan of good beer and supporting local businesses, we think you’ll like what you see here.
Odonata Beer Company was founded in 2009 by Peter Hoey & Rick Sellers in Sacramento California. We’re a family owned craft brewery with a passion for traditional Belgian-style ales. We also have a sister winery, Odonata Wines, which is owned at operated by Denis Hoey, Peter’s brother. Many of our beers are aged in wine barrels from Odonata Wines.